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What to do About Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair loss and thinning is an embarrassing topic that no one wants to talk about, but it’s much more common than most adults realize. If you’re suffering, you should know that you’re not suffering alone! It’s estimated that more than 1 in 5 American’s are battling hair loss or thinning. This condition affects both men and women for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s genetics, stress, or a medical condition, losing your hair is never easy. Luckily, there are treatment options available! You don’t have to sit back and watch your hair disappear without taking action any longer. Below are some of the options available to you. 

Over the Counter Products

Before trying any invasive or medical treatments, there are several hair products you can try that are specifically formulated to target hair loss. Aveda provides a line of products for both men and women; The Invati Advanced and Invati Men lines offer a powerful solution for hair loss. The Invati Advanced 3-step system is proven to reduce hair loss by 53%, instantly thickening hair with a powerful vegan formula. Learn more about how Invati works here and ask your stylist about it! 

Prescription Treatment

Propecia is a prescription medication that can be prescribed by your primary care provider or dermatologist. This medication is a pill that’s swallowed, so it’s a lot easier than a product like Rogaine that gets applied directly to the scalp. The pill does show some effectiveness when it’s taken consistently for long periods of time. However, it’s likely that hair loss will return if the medication is discontinued. Propecia is not covered by all insurance plans since it can be viewed as a cosmetic treatment rather than a medical necessity.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is performed using low-level lasers on a regular basis. When treatment begins, the patient will likely need multiple treatments per week for months before noticing an improvement. The benefit of laser therapy is that it actually stimulates hair growth without using chemicals, so if you stop using the therapy the hair you’ve regrown shouldn’t fall out. Laser therapy does not correct all causes of hair loss and it isn’t a suitable solution for everyone.


Micro-needling is a hair loss treatment that can be done at home, by your doctor, or at a hair salon. A device that has many microneedles is used to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles. The process is less painful than it sounds! Micro-needling is best when combined with a prescription or non-prescription treatment method discussed above.

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