Does a Keratin Treatment Help Tame Frizzy Hair?

If you’re someone that has frizzy, damaged, or dry hair, you’ve probably tried nearly every product under the sun from leave-in-conditioners to damage repair treatments, and beyond. If you’re still trying to achieve that smooth silky hair look, a keratin treatment may be just what your hair needs! Keratin treatments can help to soften curls and waves, minimize frizz, and help to make heat styling easier and faster. Learn more about what keratin treatments are and their benefits for frizzy hair below.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a process used to help make the hair more smooth and manageable. It’s a process that seals the hair cuticle with a coating of protein that works to eliminate frizz, while adding a beautiful softness and shine. 

What is the process for a Keratin Treatment?

The process for a keratin treatment is fairly lengthy, and you should expect to be at the salon for a few hours. The treatment begins as you normally would wash your hair. Then, a professional stylist will brush the treatment onto the hair and allow it to absorb for approximately 30 minutes. The process can be done in different ways, such as blow-drying the hair first, applying the chemical treatment, and taking a flat iron tool to seal the treatment. The goal of this treatment is to eliminate frizz and enhance shine. At Marchelle Salone, we use a low amount of formaldehyde in our keratin treatments, as to cause minimal damage to your hair. This means that your hair won’t necessarily be pin straight afterward, but rather shiny, easier to style, and overall more manageable! 

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Last? 

A keratin treatment usually lasts up to 6 months. Not only does it add a layer of shine to hair, but it significantly reduces frizz for the entire duration. The aftercare is extremely crucial to making the treatment last as long as possible. Your stylist will recommend a shampoo and conditioner that’ll specifically help to make the treatment last. You can return to receive this treatment again as soon as the frizz begins to resurface. Typically, you’ll only need to come in twice a year for a keratin treatment, making it a low-maintenance solution for frizzy hair!

Marchelle Salone’s Keratin Treatment: Benefits and Maintenance to Taming Frizzy Hair



At Marchelle Salone, you can receive a keratin treatment for a price of $300+. Once you receive the treatment, your hair will be shiny, glossy, and full of brilliance. If you have struggled to find over-the-counter products that work for you, this is a guaranteed process that will make a difference. Frizzy hair can be a tedious process to maintain, especially in the next few hot summer months.



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