girl looking at her hair in a hat in the winter

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Hair This Winter

Living in New England, the harsh and cold weather of winter can take a toll on all of us. Not only does it affect our mental and physical health, but have you ever thought of how the winter affects your hair? The colder temperatures can dry it out and cause more breakage. Just as you would protect your skin from the weather, it’s important to protect your hair to keep it healthy. Below we have some tips to help keep your hair healthy this winter, and ready to shine when the sun comes out in spring! 

Never Leave the House With Wet Hair 

Not only will you be much colder if you leave the house with wet hair in the winter, but it can also cause more damage. Did you know that wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair? The cold temperatures can cause hair to freeze and break when wet. Although blowdrying is not ideal as it can cause heat damage, if you don’t have time to air dry, it’s best to spray a heat protectant and then blowdry before going outside. 

Wear a Hat

The most simple thing you can do when going outside in the winter months to protect your hair is wearing a hat! This provides a shield from the dry air and snow, wind, or rain that will dry out your hair. When your hair gets dry, it becomes more prone to breakage. A silk or satin hat is your best choice, as wool or cotton can also cause breakage. 

Invest in a Humidifier

Speaking of dry hair, a humidifier can help to add some moisture back into the air and rehydrate your hair. In the winter, we’re often cranking the heat to keep warm, but this causes the air to become extremely dry. Investing in a humidifier can help to fight dry hair in the winter and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy! 

Lower the Temperature in the Shower 

We know it can be tempting to get into a steamy hot shower after a day out in the cold, but the hot water can strip your hair of moisture. This leaves your hair more brittle and susceptible to breakage. Washing your hair with lukewarm water and ending with a cool rinse is ideal. 

Regular Trims 

Just as you would in any season, scheduling regular trims always help to keep your hair healthy, but it’s even more important in winter to keep the dead ends to a minimum. Scheduling a trim every 4-8 weeks will keep your hair looking fresh and reduce any dry, split ends. 

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